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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer your basic questions here. Click on the following questions to know more.

Q. Do you service my area?
A. We offer onsite printer and copier service & repair in Oakland and adjacent area.

Q. Do you offer same day service?
A. In most cases, we can have our techs onsite within the same day.

Q. Can I bring my printer to your local office?
A. Our services are for onsite printer and copier service & repair only.

Q. Can I call and make an appointment other than doing it online?
A. Yes, please call us at (510) 632 3232.

Q. Can I schedule an appointment online?
A. Yes, please click here to be taken to the online appointment scheduler. This is the fastest and most accurate way for scheduling a printer, plotter or copier repair in Oakland area.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. Please click here  to see the hourly rate for your printer or copier repair.

Q. I am having a printer/copier that isn’t listed in your services. Can you still help me?
A. Let us know what brand and model number is your machine and we’ll tell you if we work on it.

Q. What happens if the technician cannot fix my problem?
A. In almost all cases our technicians will be able to fix the problem you are having. Sometimes however, it is more cost effective to replace your equipment than to repair it. If this is the case, our technicians will recommend what is best for you, and then you can decide how to proceed. If for some reason you have a problem that we can’t fix, you will not be charged for any services beyond the time the tech spends diagnosing the problem.

Q. Does your service have a warranty?
A. The warranty is 90 days for parts and 30 days for labor. 

Q. Are parts included in your service charge?
A. No. Any parts that are purchased to repair your system are billed to you. We will give you a repair estimate before ordering/installing parts in your printer, copier or plotter.